500 TYPE EVA PROJECT | Shinkansen Evangelion Project


500 TYPE EVA SHINKANSEN | [Service period] The service was terminated in May 13, 2018.


What Is the Shinkansen Evangelion Project?

2015 marked the 40th anniversary of Sanyo Shinkansen's completion inauguration, as well as the 20th anniversary of the start of the Evangelion TV series.
To celebrate this double anniversary, the Shinkansen Evangelion Project was launched in November 2015.
The Sanyo Shinkansen operates a 500 TYPE EVA train, created under the supervision of Mr. Hideaki Anno, Director of Evangelion, and designed by Mr. Ikuto Yamashita, Evangelion's mechanical designer. Additionally, while on board, passengers can enjoy content with the motif of the world of Evangelion.

Outline of 500 TYPE EVA

  • Service period:
    Saturday, November 7, 2015 to Sunday, May 13, 2018
  • Train appearances:
    Train appearances
  • Service hours:
    DEBUT on November 7, 2015 [Kodama No. 730] Departing Hakata at 6:40 a.m. - Arriving Shin-Osaka at 11:13 a.m. | [Kodama No. 741] Departing Shin-Osaka at 11:29 a.m. - Arriving Hakata at 15:38 p.m.
    Be careful about service dates.

Supervisor: Hideaki Anno Author and general director of the Evangelion series

"Series 500 is my absolute favorite among Shinkansen trains because it is packed with real and intuitive appeal of a "dream super-express."
I feel extremely honored and grateful that Evangelion is a collaborative partner with this train."

Designer: Ikuto Yamashita Mechanical designer of the Evangelion series

"I think the Series 500 is outstandingly hot among Shinkansen trains.
I feel that few future trains will be able to run with as much dreaminess as the Series 500, even after the age of maglev train arrives. That is why I designed the train in Eva-style colors by making good use of the Series 500's original design, in the hope of creating a kind of Series 500 from the future."

What Is the Series 500 Shinkansen?

The Series 500 Shinkansen began running between Shin-Osaka and Hakata on the Sanyo Shinkansen line in March 1997. This train type was the first to reach 300 km/h in commercial operations. Its curved body designed to reduce air resistance and its 15 m-long sharp forefront have attracted widespread popularity. Series 500 trains mainly ran as the Nozomi Series 500 between Tokyo and Hakata, and on the occasion of the retirement of Shinkansen Series 0 in December 2008, Series 500 trains began running as eight-car Kodama trains between Shin-Osaka and Hakata.

About Evangelion

Evangelion is a Japanese anime that has gained popularity worldwide since its TV series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, first aired in 1995.
Set in a world after an unprecedented cataclysm called the Second Impact, the story centers on 14-year-old boys and girls who are recruited to pilot humanoid bio machines, called Evangelion, in combat against mysterious enemies called Angels, who are descending on people one after another.
Since Rebuild of Evangelion, a new animated film series (of four episodes), began in 2007, three episodes have been released so far that received recognition from all age groups, especially young people.

  • Evangelion
  • Evangelion


500 TYPE EVA Exhibition & Experience Room [Car No. 1] Advance reservation is required to experience the "Full-size Cockpit Riding Experience."

In Car No. 1, you can enjoy four attractions: Shinkansen X Evangelion Exhibit Panels; a Photo Spot; a Diorama; and Full-size Cockpit Riding Experience, a hands-on attraction.

  • 500 TYPE EVA Exhibition & Experience Room [Car No. 1]
  • 500 TYPE EVA Exhibition & Experience Room [Car No. 1]
This image is tentative. Train design and other details are subject to change.
Those living outside Japan cannot make reservation for the "Full-Size Cockpit Riding Experience" in car No. 1.
Please understand that you may be requested to wait for a while until you can enter car No. 1 when the Exhibition and Cockpit Riding Experience corner is crowded.

500 TYPE EVA Special Interior Car [Car No. 2]

Car No. 2 lets you experience an interior decorated with the "EVA design."
Seats in Car No. 2 can be used as ordinary non-reserved seats. Enjoy the special space while on board this train.

  • 500 TYPE EVA Special Interior Car [Car No. 2]
  • 500 TYPE EVA Special Interior Car [Car No. 2]
This image is tentative. Train design and other details are subject to change.